Addiction is a repeat offender.

Maine wants to put an end to that.

Research conducted in New England reveals that 75% of clients in long-term residential treatment have been there multiple times, a fact1 that reinforces the chronic nature of addiction. It's one reason Maine welcomed Aware Recovery Care to the state. Our goal is to stem the rise in overdose deaths with our innovative, in-home addiction rehab modality that treats substance use disorder like one would treat diabetes or hypertension—as a chronic condition that doesn't disappear in 30 days.

"We have to recognize (addiction) isn't a character flaw or a moral failing. It's a chronic disease of the brain that deserves the same compassion that any other chronic illness does."

 Aware Recovery Care

Aware has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for both Home Care and Behavioral Health Care. Demonstrating continuous compliance with the Commission's high-performance standards—we are committed to providing safe and effective care.

Contact us and we will quickly assess whether you meet the criteria for our program of care.

To learn more about working with an Aware Recovery Care team to achieve sustained recovery, please call 1-844-292-7372 for immediate help. Aware Recovery Care works with clients throughout Maine.

1The Gosnold Treatment Center, a National Council member, reports that in its home state of Massachusetts, 87% of patients admitted to detox units have been there before. Of the 215,000 days patients spent annually in detox, half were accounted for by patients with five or more previous stays.

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