Rhode Island

Hope Has Arrived.

For those struggling with addiction, a unique new program has arrived.

Rhode Island is the nation’s smallest state.  But, like all states, Rhode Island has its fair share of alcohol and drug abuse.  In 2020, fatal drug overdoses rose by 25% from the year before, and more than 20% of the population reported drinking to excess.

But the state’s motto is “hope,” and hope has arrived.

Aware Recovery Care’s arrival in Rhode Island comes with an intention to reverse those trends with a research-proven, in-home addiction treatment program that is unique in the nation.

If you're trying to come to terms with a problem with alcohol and other drugs, Aware Recovery Care can help you recover where you live.

We invented 'In-Home Addiction Treatment' (IHATTM) to help people learn to live in recovery no matter where they live and no matter what kind of work they do. We will meet you anywhere and at a time that works for you to help you find your pathway to recovery. After all, the whole point of recovery is to live the life you were meant to live.

Contact us and we will quickly assess whether you meet the criteria for our program of care.

To learn more about working with an Aware Recovery Care team to achieve sustained recovery, please call 1-844-292-7372 or 401-232-4166 for immediate help. Aware Recovery Care works with clients throughout Rhode Island.

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